John Davis Fullsplice Blanks
Superior Cues has been the exclusive dealer of the 4-point 4-veneer fullsplice and longsplice cue blanks hand crafted by legendary pioneer of the craft John Davis of Chicago, IL.    

Buy with confidence--any blank not cut or modified may be returned within 1 week of arrival for a full refund less all shipping if you do not like the blank for any reason

168z.  $400.00.  Wenge into super high figure hard curly maple.  Black, red, black and red veneers.
6.  $375.00.  Padouk into hard maple with red, black, red, black veneers.
180. Beautiful grained curly shedua into deep cocobolo longsplice blank with green, black, green veneers.  $400.00.  
Please note that a 4-1/2" buttsleeve square of the point wood type will be shipped with all John Davis fullsplice blanks with second splice of maple or purpleheart.
546.  Longsplice blank, unique Mexican bocote into wavy maple with black, natural ,blank and natural veneers.  Unique and beautiful.  $400.00
264.  $375.00.  Dark cocobolo into highly figured hard curly maple fullsplice blank with classic veneer combo black, green, orange and natural.
547. $450.00.  Longsplice Mexican grenadillo into highly figured hard quilted maple with dark purple, light purple, red and natural veneers.  A one of a kind beauty.
272.  $400.00.  Ebony into hard curly maple Titlist style blank with second splice of maple.  Purple, teal, mahogany and natural veneers.
550.  $400.00.  Jatoba into wavy maple longsplice blank with 4 veneers: black, dark purple, light purple and natural.
174.  $375.00  Longsplice fullsplice blank, purpleheart into high figure hard curly maple with black, natural, black and natural veneers.
47.  $375.00.  Pomelle bubinga into maple longsplice blank with mahogany, orange, purple, and natural veneers.  
48.  $375.00.  Deep, rich purpleheart into curly maple longsplice blank with black, natural, black and natural veneers.  
50.  $375.00.  Deep, rich purpleheart into maple longsplice blank with black, natural, black and natural veneers. 
552.  $375.00. Lacewood into straight grain maple 4 point fullsplice blank with second splice of maple.  Has black, orange, green and natural veneers.  
545. $425.00.  Cocobolo into high figure birdseye 4 point blank with 5 veneers: silver, light green, yellow, light green and yellow.  A John Davis one off. 
554. $400.00.  John Davis longsplice Jatoba into highly figured birdseye maple with black, orange, blue and natural.  Nice!
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538.  400.00.  Gaboon ebony on ebony with natural, blue and natural veneers.  From last batch of 2018 blanks. 
159.  $375.00  Mexican cocobolo into tight hard curly maple longsplice blank with Burnt orange, lime, green and natural veneers.
310.  $375.00.  Longsplice birdseye bocote into straight grain maple with black, red, black and red veneers.  CORED.
513.  $425.00.  Longsplice purpleheart into super high figure birdseye with black, red, blue and natural veneers.