Ed Prewitt Cues
Ed Prewitt is a master machinist who is known for his precise cue design and uncompromising quality.  His philosophy on obtaining choice woods and materials for cuemaking is simple:  "I want the very best available and I'm willing to pay for it."   Ed has perfected the veneered fullsplice cue.  We believe this is the finest fullsplice cue made today.  More Ed Prewitt fullsplice cues are on order. 
Knowledge and state-of-the-art machinery enables Prewitt to fashion cues of distinctive design, performance, and quality.  Ed Prewitt cues are known for their natural balance, responsiveness, and sheer beauty.  For the player and, or collector, there's nothing like an Ed Prewitt cue!   
New Ed Prewitt cue build time is now over 5 years. Ed has stopped taking orders for now. Please note, we do not offer any kind of discounts on new Ed Prewitt cues. Most customers realize they are fortunate that I sometimes have new Prewitt cues for sale.

38. December 2020 Ed Prewitt 5 ring high figure pomelle bubinga with exotic ringtail lizard wrap. Paua shell dot fancy ringsets at all positions. Elphoryn joint and buttcap.  Two 13mm select shafts (3.96/ 3.97) with 5/8" white phenolic ferrules and genuine Moori soft tips. Fancy cap protector for butt, Prewitt Delrin protectors for shafts.  Weighs 19.14/ 19.15 oz., with 19-1/8" balance point.  $4,150.00.  No waiting!