Samsara Cues
   Made in the USA
Samsara LD BarCue:  The following group of Samsara LD BarCues were special made from high grade exotic woods.  All forearms are cored.  Prototype 12.75mm Samsara LD True Shaft with UltraSkin tip. Rings above and below wrap. Black lightly textured leather wrap.  Joint protector set included. $650.00.  Unmatched true low deflection and feel!  Your choice...on special for $550.00 shipped in USA!
SamHoppe.  Brand new Samsara Hoppe style cue. 5 Gaboon ebony points into highly figured curly maple with slotted Elphoryn diamonds in each point. Hoppe ring at ebonized buttsleeve with Samsara logo. Radial pin. Black Spanish Bull leather wrap. 2 matched low defelction True Shafts with Samsara USA layered tips. Joint Protector set included. List is $1,400.00. Super value price:$1,095.00 shipped in USA. Outstanding cue value. Available in 18.80/ 18.85 oz., 18.96/ 18.97 oz. and 19.24/19.25 oz. Balance points are 18-3/4 to 19
Highly Figured Mexican Katalox. 19.14 oz.
Brilliant Figured Redheart. 19.20 oz.