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At Superior Cues, we only sell new cues and products we like.  All of our new cues are warranteed from the cuemaker to the original buyer against workmanship defects for as long as you own the cue.  We hope you are happy with your Superior Cues purchase! 
New "Ebony King" Ed Prewitt cue below (a few more cues coming this summer). Wrapless Jim Pierce fullsplice (John Davis) Hoppe style cue just posted--more cues coming soon.  2 Kent Davis cues in stock--more coming soon!  3 Ariel Carmeli fullsplice cues in stock. Classic wrapless Tascarella fullsplice cue in stock. 2 Cohen cues to choose.  One Mike Bender wrapless ebony Merry Widow left--no 3 year wait! 1 Omen cue in stock. Cory Barnhart fullsplice (John Davis) cues coming late May. Mike Montalvo cues late summer 2024. Bob Manzino cues end of year.

​Prewitt 2404.  The outrageous "Ebony King." Ed Prewitt 58" wrapless gaboon ebony cue with 7 paua shell jeweled ringsets with segmented cored gaboon ebony handle. Has 1 Prewitt carbon fiber shaft (3.88 oz.) and 1 select maple shaft (3.91 oz.), both 13mm with medium UltraSkin layered tips. Elphoryn joint and buttcap. Has custom joint cap for butt and black Delrin caps for the shafts. Weight range is 19.10/19.13oz with 19" balance point.  $5,650.00 shipped in USA with PayPal, Visa or Mastercard payment (Zelle deduct 3%).  A magnificent and elegant cue from Ed Prewitt.

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