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New Bob Manzino cues are here! 2 Kent Davis cues in stock--fabulous wrapless snakewood/ebony/ black ash burl 8 point is here.  3 Mike Bender wrapless ebony Merry Widow cues are here--no 3 year wait! 2 Carmeli cues to choose--both super black ebony on ebony 4 pointers. Tascarella cues are sold out, 4 fullsplice cues coming mid 2024. New Cohen cues-2 in stock. 4 Omen cues in stock.  Jim Pierce fullsplice (John Davis) cues coming soon. Cory Barnhart fullsplice (John Davis) cues coming early 2024.  New special fullsplice Prewitt cues, 2024.  Mike Montalvo cues early 2024.  

​221. Unplayed new Eddie Cohen 4 Point 4 veneer ebony into high figure birdseye maple cue with bridged points. Black, peacock, light blue and white veneer colors. Compound veneer dash deco ringsets at all positions. Elphoryn radial and slotted diamonds and dots inlays in point and in buttsleeve as a 4 pack with dots. Tomahawk joint sleeve, buttsleeve and ferrules. 2 shafts 13mm (3.85 oz.) with Kamui soft tips. Pin is 3/8-10. Black wild scotch leather wrap. Black Delrin joint protector set included. Weighs 19.07 with 19-1/4" balance and no weight bolt. Can accept a little weight if wanted. Cash (Zelle) price is $3,395.00 shipped in USA. Ship insure is additional otherwise. Eddie just won first place in the ICCS Grand Collection Competition and the Collector's Choice awards--first time a cue maker has won both honors!  Congratulations Eddie!

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