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Wrapless Jim Pierce fullsplice (John Davis) Hoppe style cue just posted--more cues coming soon.  2 Kent Davis cues in stock--more coming soon!  4 Ariel Carmeli fullsplice cues in stock. Classic wrapless Tascarella fullsplice cue in stock. 3 Cohen cues to choose.  2 Mike Bender wrapless ebony Merry Widow cues are here--no 3 year wait! 3 Omen cues in stock. Cory Barnhart fullsplice (John Davis) cues coming late May. Mike Montalvo cues early 2024.  A couple Prewitt cues mid-summer.  Bob Manzino cues end of year.

​Sam29z. Samsara identification number 2272 under the bumper. Mint--like new. LASER STRAIGHT. One of a kind and collectible! 58" wrapless 4 point 3 veneer (light blue, black, light blue) figured bubinga into curly shedua John Davis fullsplice blank cue. Lots of beautiful chatoyance in these woods! Hoppe style with white phenolic ring at buttsleeve. Maple diamonds deco rings at radial pin flat face joint. Two real nice 13mm maple shafts (3.74/ 3.75 oz.) with 3/4" linen melamine ferrules. Triangle tip on unplayed shaft and unknown layered tip on lightlly played shaft. Radial pin flat-face joint. Custom ebony Joint protector set included. Weighs 19.04/ 19.05 oz with 18-7/8" balance point. The price is $1,285.00 Goods and Services PayPal shipped UPS 3-day in the continental United States ($1,250.00 Zelle).

This cue was made mainly by Dave Doucette at Samsara Cues in late 2017 (I comissioned a handful of these Davis blank builds then including this cue). Dave and Jim Stadum (Samsara Cues) are being inducted into the American Cuemakers Association Hall of Fame at the 2024 Super Billiards Expo. This cue is a fine example of the care and craft at Samsara Cues. Trusted seller. No trades or other offers.

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