Mike Bender Cues
Meticulously crafted by Mike Bender and Tracy Dunham
Superior Cues is pleased to be an official dealer of cues crafted by Mike Bender and Tracy Dunham of Delta Junction, AK.  Award winning build quality in each and every cue.  We did the waiting for you!  We do not discount Mike Bender cues.  The cues are same price as ordered from Bender Cues. Mike is no longer taking orders.  These are the last new Mike Bender custom cues available anywhere.  Absolutely superb high first tier quality.
3.  Fabulous 5-point ebony into East Indian rosewood Hoppe with 4 veneers (blk, royal blu, lt blu, wht).  Ivory spear in each point.  Ultra grade black elephant leather wrap. Ivory Hoppe ring at East Indian rosewood rear.  Ivory and veneer deco rings at flat-face ivory joint.  13mm premium maple shafts (4.07, 4.19 oz.) with ivory ferrules and genuine Moori tips. Weighs 19.16 and 19.29 oz., with 20" balance.  Superbly crafted.  No longer for sale.
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