Eddie Cohen Custom Cues
Here is one of the rising stars of USA cuemaking who has been working dilgently to advance himself for several years already.  Eddie has a keen artistic eye and an uncompromising standard of build.  He knows what an excellent cue should feel and play like.  Cohen cues are waranteed to the original owner for workmanship.  Outstanding custom cue value in each and every Eddie Cohen Custom Cue.

​Cohen 3bb.  Brand new 2019 Eddie Cohen Ebony into super high figure birdseye with purple, light blue, light green and white veneers. Compound veneer dash deco rings at all positions. Detailed barbells and clovers with paua dots motif in points and buttsleeve. Tomahawk joint collar and buttcap. 3/8-10 pin, flat-face joint. Black Spanish Bull leather wrap. 2 shafts 13mm (3.70, 3.73 oz.). Cue weighs 19.24/ 19.27 oz., with 19-3/8" balance point. Delrin joint protector set included. $2150.00 cash price shipped in USA.