Dave Barenbrugge Cues
Crafted with great skill and meticulous detail
We have long marvelled at the high level of quality woods and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each and every Dave Barenbrugge cue.  The cues are engineered to maximize playability.  All parts are threaded on.  The point veneers are seamless.  The painstaking attention to detail contributes to the otherworldy quality of each and every Dave Barenbrugge cue.   New cue orders are now 10+ years.  Dave generally makes 20 about cues per year.
Dave Barenbrugge 2018 4 point 4 seamless veneer Honduras rosewood burl into quilted/ curly maple.  High level rings.  Sold.
Dave Barenbrugge 2018 4 point 2 seamless veneer salt and pepper high figure birdseye into Bolivian purpleheart.  High level rings.  Sold.