Mike Montalvo Custom Cues

From LaVerne, California, Mike Montalvo has been a competitive pool player since the early 80's. It was the seeking of a well made custom cue that took Mike to the shop of cue maker Judd Fuller. It was in Judd's shop, Mike learned the basics of cue crafting. Mike also worked in Ariel Carmeli's shop and reports that he has adapted many of Ariel's cue construction methods. Cuemaker Kent Davis also helped Mike learn more about valuable burls and exotic hardwoods.  Since the mid-90's, Mike has quietly been enjoying making cues of his own.  I met Mike about 17 years ago at Ariel Carmeli's shop.  Mike has a keen eye and good hands. We're excited to have a group of 8 modestly priced pointed fullsplice cues expected to arrive about September 2023.