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Cues From The Finest USA Makers
Contact us @  or call us at 714-612-1025 PST.  We will gladly do a 90 day layaway on items over 1K and 60 days on items under 1K.  Superior Cues, your new, unchalked cue dealer!
Cog Radial Linen. New Cognoscenti ebonized cue made from one section of radially laminated maple (8 pieces) with fancy silver dash ringsets at joint and buttcap. Elphoryn joint and buttcap. White with double black speck linen wrap.  One select maple shaft, 13.1mm with linen melamine ferrule and Triangle tip.  Joint protector set included.  3 available 19.01, 19.03 and 19.05 oz. in weight.  The new classic Cognoscenti player! $1350.00 each shipped in USA.
New Cognoscenti Super Fancy one-off 5 ebony points into highly figured birdseye maple with silver dash ringsets at all positions.  Loaded with double/ triple and silver inlays.  Black phenolic joint and buttcap. White with double black speck linen wrap.  Two select maple shafts, 13.1mm ( 3.30/ 3.72 oz.)with linen melamine ferrule and Triangle tip.  Weighs 18.3/ 18.72 oz. Joint protector set included as shown.  Price: $6.9K. Very special Cognoscenti cue!
New Cognoscenti Gaboon merry widow cue with fancy silver dash ringsets at all positions.  Elphoryn joint and buttcap. White with double black speck linen wrap.  Two select maple shafts, 13.1mm ( 3.64/ 3.65 oz.)with linen melamine ferrule and Triangle tip.  Weighs 19.77/ 19.78 oz with 18-3/8" balance. Joint protector set included as shown.  Price: $1,985.00. 
9. New 2017 unchalked Bob Manzino bridged points player/ collectible cue. 4 points of crimson colored master grade amboyna burl into gaboon ebony nose w/ 4 veneers: mauve/ruby red/mauve and black. Mitered bridges at base. Stylized inlays of elforyn and abalone shell in each point. Amboyna burlwood sleeve over phenolic capped joint collar. Four mitered veneered burl windows in ebony butt sleeve w/ Elforyn and paua inlayed French stars. Mirrored inlay motif between windows matching forearm. Inlayed French star deco rings at all positions. Amboyna burlwood butt cap. Black textured leather wrap. 164 inlays total. Matching burl/ebony/ Elforyn joint caps w/ engraving. Two 13mm shafts, non ivory ferrules 4.0 oz. each. Cue weighs 19.4 oz with butt at 15.4 oz. Price: ask. Layaway okay. No trades. No waiting. This is a very recent and significant cue from a recognized master of the craft--Bob Manzino is a two time ICCS award winner.  Cash price is $6,250.00 shipped in USA. 

Tad 2.  Completely refurbished by Ariel Carmeli.  Tad classic Birdsdeye maple cue with 2 new superb maple shafts 13mm (4.00 and 4.12 oz made by Ariel) and new correct white with light green speck linen wrap. 5/16-18 piloted steel joint. Has new Tad Delrin joint protector set. Weighs 19.44 and 19.56 oz. with a 19-1/4" balance point. $1,950.00. 
Tad 5. New old stock out of a collection. Unchalked 16 Floating Points Tad Kohara beautiful figured birdseye maple cue. No ivory--can ship outside USA. Big pin. Shafts 4.15/ 4.08 oz. 15.95 oz butt. Forward 20" balance. This RARE model discontinued in 2003 per Fred Kohara. Tad was still hands on at this time! Special made per customer request at 59-1/2" in length.  Price: Ask.
10. Bob Manzino 2018 one off cue. 6 point hi-lo bubinga into Bolivian purpleheart with black, gold and plum veneers. Fine silver stitch deco ring sets at joint. Purplehear butt sleeve with bubing section with 6 double inlay medallions of silver set in ebony frames. Black pebble grain calf wrap. Two 13mm shafts with 5/8" ferrules. Custom delrin joint protector set.  Weighs 18.53/ 18.54 oz., with 19-1/4" balance.  Price: $2,450.00.
SW 1.  Brand new unplayed 2018 South West cue received 1/10/19.  Dark and rich pau ferro into Goncalo Aves 6 point cue, hi-lo with black, blue and white veneers. Extra ring at Buttcap stub.  White with brown speck linen wrap.  2 shafts 3.38 and 3.46 oz., 13mm and standard pro taper.  SW Delrin joint cap protector set.  Weighs 19.53/ 19.60 oz., with 18-3/4" balance point.  Beautiful wood and veneers combination.  Price: $6,250.00.
Manzino 12.  Wrapless Gaboon ebony into light hard curly maple 4 point cur with 4 veneers (blk, lt blue, purple, lt purple).  Highly figured hard curly handle. Elphoryn Hoppe ring.  Veneer dash deco rings. Elphoryn daggerinlay shapes in each point and in buttsleeve with silver dot. Engraved brass pin. Weighs 18.91/ 18.92 with 19" balance point. $2,950 is the cash price.  Delrin joint protector set included. 
Manzino 13.  Curly figured pink ivory Gaboon ebony 6 point cur with 2 veneers (pink ivory, black). Ebony and silver stylized diamond inlays in points. Quadruple stylized diamond inlays in buttsleeve. Veneer dash deco ringsets. Black leather wrap. Engraved brass pin. Weighs 19.18 with 19-1/8" balance point. $2,950 is the cash price.  Delrin joint protector set included.