Ariel Carmeli Cues
Ariel Carmeli started repairing and building cues while employed at the now legendary Best Billiards in Santa Ana, CA in 1991.  Some of the best cuemakers in America, who frequented the store, instructed Ariel on various aspects of cuemaking.  After having spent many years at the craft on a full time basis, Ariel is widely recognized as a highly skilled master cuemaker. With addtional labor and expense Ariel cores almost all of his custom cue forearms for strength and stability.  Whether entry level or high-end, Ariel Carmeli cues are known for their solid, clean construction and playability.  More cues are always on order with Ariel--and we'll gladly discuss a custom order with you.
6. Brand new Ariel Carmeli Ebony on ebony 6 forward and reverse pointed cue with natural, black, natural veneers.  Inlaid tiffany ivory diamond ringsets at all positions.  Ivory spears inlays.  13mm shafts (3.93/ 3.98 oz.) with LBM ferrules and Black King tips. Black select grade elephant ear wrap. Weighs 19.28/19.33oz. with 19-1/8" balance point.  Joint protector set included. No longer for sale.

10. Golden Goncalo Alves.  Double inlays, 4-pack diamond inlays in buttsleeve. Black Italian lizard wrap (full belly cut!). Weighs 19.16 oz. One premium maple shaft with linen melamine ferrule and Triangle tip.  Laser straight! SOLD.

More superb Carmeli cues are on order, expected December 2015.