Superior Leather Cue Wraps
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         Lattice                Cork Rubber Brown             Stingray
Superior Cues Leather Wrap Photos
   Naked Buffalo         
"GEORGE" smooth wrap       Vegetable Cowhide

Italian Pebble Dark Brown          Italian Pebble Cognac    Italian Scotch Grain Black
 Italian Scotch Cognac              Italian Scotch Wine
     Stamped Bull Black            Stamped Bull Chocolate        Stamped Bull Burgundy
Stamped Bull Golden Tan            Baby Croco Black
           Spanish Bull Black                    Spanish Bull OT                    Spanish Bull Brown
       Spanish Bull Dark Grey       Tipped Bison Taupe        
Wild Scotch Dark Brown                                            
Bison Dark Reddish Brown   
Exotic Leather Cue Wrap Photos
     Cognac Lizard            Natural Ringtail Lizard  Natural Lizard Full Back
  Black Lizard Full Belly     Dark Brown Lizard (select)    Brown Lizard (regular)
Oil tanned.  Has a softy feel to it like nothing else
Some of the nicest leather there is for pool cue wraps.  Has visual dimension and feels good 
Very smooth with superfine texture.  Wrapless feel.

More precision split leather cue wraps
Domestic Pebble Chocolate
Domestic Pebble Antique Brn
Domestic Pebble Rust
           Black Pebble Calf              Chocolate Lizard Belly Print   Black Lizard Belly Print
 Antique Brown Lizard Belly       Rust Lizard Belly Print     White Italian Shoulder Grain
Black Football                  Brown Football                  
   Tiger Bull Brown (pigskin)      Tiger Bull Tan (pigskin) 
Fantasy Lizard-elegant!
Bright Beaver
   California Pebble Black          California Pebble White        California Pebble Brown
Wraps are generally split in .022 to .025 thickness range.  Standard wrap styles can be combined for the dozen discount price.

$14 each/ $11 dozen
Black Beaver
Black Bright Beaver
High-Density Cork Rubber
Bonded Black Semi Gloss
Domestic Pebble Grain Chocolate
Domestic Pebble Grain Rust
Domestic Pebble Grain Antique Brown
Black Tiny Texture
Black Lizard Belly
Chocolate Brown Lizard Belly
Antique Brown Lizard Belly
Rust Lizard Belly
$16 each/ $13.00 dozen
Black Naked Buffalo*
Black Vegetable Tanned Cowhide*
California Pebble Grain Black
California Pebble Grain Dark Brown
California Pebble Grain White
Black Stingray
Black Lattice
Black Football
Brown Football
Stamped Bull Black
Stamped Bull Chocolate Brown
Stamped Bull Burgundy
Stamped Bull Golden Tan
Italian White Shoulder Grain

$18/ $15 dozen
Italian Ostrich Black
Italian Ostrich Brown
Italian Ostrich Cognac
Italian Ostrich Rustic Dark Brown
$20/ $17 dozen
Black Pebble Calf OT (oil tanned)
Italian Pebble Black 
Italian Pebble Dark Brown
Italian Pebble Cognac
Italian Scotch Black
Italian Scotch Cognac
Italian Scotch Wine
Embossed Elephant Dark Brown 
Embossed Elephant Medium Antique Brown 
​Embossed Elephant Black 
Italian Lizard Black
Italian Lizard Dark Grey
Italian Lizard Dark Brown
Italian Lizard Medium Brown
Italian Lizard Cognac
Italian Lizard Purple 
​Italian Baby Croco Black 
Italian Baby Croco Brown 
​Itailan Baby Croco Cognac 
Bambino Croco Black 
Bambino Croco Brown 
Bambino Croco Cognac

$21/ $18 dozen
Arizona Bull Black (new)
Arizona Bull Dark Brown (new)
Arizona Bull Antique Brown (new)
Arizona Bull Medium Brown (new)
Arizona Bull Cognac

$22/ $19 dozen
Bison Black
Bison Chocolate Brown
Bison Reddish Brown
Bison Golden Tan
​Bison Rustic Midnight Brown
Tipped Bison Rust 
Tipped Bison Wine 
Tipped Bison Dark Grey 
$23/ $20 dozen
Italian Glossy Black Calf
Wild Scotch Grain Black
Wild Scotch Grain Dark Brown
Wild Scotch Grain White
Wild Scotch Grain Cognac 
Spanish Bull Black [Extra long 15" $29,  18" $38]
Spanish Bull Black Oil Tanned $25 (.025-.027)
Spanish Bull Brown Oil Tanned $25 (.025-.027)
Spanish Bull Tan Oil Tanned $25 (.025-.027)
Spanish Bull Brown [Extra long 15" $29, 18" $38]
Spanish Bull Dusty Brown 
Spanish Bull Honey
Spanish Bull Tan (new!)
Spanish Bull Rust
Spanish Bull Burgundy
Spanish Bull Dark Grey
Spanish Bull Warm Grey
Tumbled Cowhide Brown
Tumbled Cowhide Black
Metallic Silver, Copper, Titanium Grey, Gold. 

Java Lizard- Regular $65, Select $85 (Black, chocolate brown, hazelnut brown, burgundy brown, cognac, black and white ringtail, black and creme ringtail.  Full bellies or backs, $135.00 and up.  
Premium Spanish Lizard -quality java lizard from Spain limited supply- Regular $70 (no roundscale regular grade), Select $100 (Black, black roundscale, dark brown roundscale, cognac-brown, tan, white, charcoal, burgundy-oxblood, light beige ringtail).  Full back or full belly $175.00.
"George"* smooth cowhide wrap replicates the tannage of the wrap used by George Balabushka on his cues (Black, dark brown). Regular $20, Select $35.
   Wild Scotch Grain White  
 Tumbled Cowhide Brown  
   Tumbled Cowhide Black  
Italian Pebble 2015
Baby Croco Black
 Embossed Ele Dark Brown
       Black Bonded
  Baby Croco Cognac 
  Baby Croco Brown
  Italian Ostrich Black
  Italian Ostrich Cognac
  Italian Ostrich Brown
Embossed Ele Medium Brn 
USPS Priority mail shipping with tracking is only $9.00 for 1 to 48 wraps in USA.  Insurance when over $300 value is additional. 
       Black Tiny Texture          
 Embossed Ele Black
Bison Midnight Brown
Bison Golden Tan
 Arizona Bull Cognac 
   Spanish Bull Honey Cognac          
     Genuine Belly         Chocolate Brown Lizard (select)  Hazelnut Brown Lizard (reg)
   Spanish Bull OT Tan        Spanish Bull OT Brown    
 New version slightly different

Spanish Bull Dusty Brown           Spanish Bull Burgundy
Wild Scotch Grain Black

Italian Glossy Black Calf                 Black Bison                                Dark Choco Bison
Tipped Bison Cognac          Tipped Bison Wine              Tipped Bison Dark Grey
Spanish Bull Rust
Wild Scotch Grain Cognac
Metallic Silver, Copper, Titanium Grey, Gold. 
 Spanish Bull Tan  
 Red Brn Bison                  Beaver                  
 Cognac Bam Croc    Blk Bambino Croc  BrnBambino Croc    
 AZ Bull Black                AZ Bull Antique Brn
 AZ Bull Dark Brn       AZ Bull Medium Brn