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Welcome to Superior Cues!  Contact us: or 714-612-1025, PST, Martin.  8% California tax collected on sales within the state.
At Superior Cues, we only sell new cues and products we like.  All of our new cues are warranteed from the cuemaker to the original buyer against workmanship defects for as long as you own the cue.  We want you to be happy with your Superior Cues purchase! 
Two Ed Prewitt 3 ring merry widows coming soon.  New John Davis blanks.  3 new Carmeli cues.  New Manzino cues later in year.  Samsara/ John Davis fullsplice Hoppe cues.  Lambros cues, others coming.  Barenbrugge cues early 2017.  3 Cognoscenti cues in stock.  1 Ned Morris merry widow cue in stock.  Hercek coming.
Leather Wrapped JB04SC Samsara break/jumps and are in stock (huge discount).  Samsara Limited Edition Elephant Break/Jumps a few left.  We also have the Tiger Icebreaker2 break/ jump in stock at a special discount price by email!
We will gladly do a 60 day Layaway on any cue or John Davis blank in stock with a 25% deposit (90 days on items over 1K).  15% restocking fee for backing out of the sale in any way. It is that simple!
your new, unchalked cue dealer! 714-612-1025.
Super Sale: $60.00 off any John Davis Fullsplice Blank made with mahogany, shedua, bubinga, lacewood, wenge, sapele, padouk or zebrawood.  Lots of great blanks to choose now for best selection!

Made in USA, Joe Porper butterfly cue cases in black vinyl or black cordura fabric.  I have been using one myself for 10 years (and why I decided to carry these).  By far the most practical case I've owned as the pockets are easy to get into and you can carry a lot of cues and accessories.  Will fit up to 64" cue! Protective and extremely durable.  Shoulder strap.  
2x4 = $150.00 shipped in USA.  
4x8= $190.00 shipped in USA.  
2x4 Porper oval black vinyl lightweight hard case (shown below will accomodate 62" cue.) $120.00 shipped in USA.  California residents add 8% sales tax. 
47. One-off classic styled Carmeli cue. Amboyna burl into highly figured birdseye maple with black, orange, blue and natural veneers. Real silver "Bushka" ring above wrap. Sleeved steel joint. Delrin buttcap. Double juma/ ebony diamond inlays in points and buttsleeve. Small blocks ringsets at joint. 2 shafts with Moori tips (3.49/ 3.57). Weighs 19.00/ 19.07 with 19-1/8" balance. No weight bolt (can increase weight). Black old stock original Tiger "Bull" pigskin wrap. Joint protector set as shown. SUPER VALUE PRICED. $1,595.00 shipped priority mail in USA outside California ( 8% sales tax for California). No trades. Layaway okay.
Joe Porper 2x4 Oval Cue Case.  USA Made! $120.00 shipped in USA.  Extremely nice with all pockets and straps.  Will accommodate up to 62" cue.

High Quality Hard Maple Shaft Dowels For Sale

There are no better 1" x 30"kiln dried maple dowels produced and sold today. Predominantly straight grain and clear. Nobody has sorted or picked through my stock and selected out the high ring, heavy, high tone, etc. There is a natural distribution of growth rings, dowel weights, etc., and your box of dowels will reflect this random distribution only because nobody has cherry picked them.  Most of the cuemakers here on my site have purchased and use my shaftwood.  Comparable maple shaft dowels sell elsewhere for upwards of $16.00 plus shipping (and they have greedily grabbed off the 20+ growth ring pieces to sell for higher price and let others pick through their stock so you get leftovers!). My price for 50 or more dowels is 10.00 each (10.80 if inside California) including FedEx ground shipping in the continental USA. 25-49 dowels are 11.00 each (11.88 inside California) including shipping in the continental USA. 10-24 dowels are 12.00 each (12.96 inside California) including shipping in the continental USA. All sales are final: I will not allow anyone to sort through their shipment and return dowels. Check out my feedbacks here or ask around if you want to know something about my integrity in this industry. I'm confident you'll be real pleased with your box of dowels! Verified PayPal is okay. 

Top Quality Vacuum Kiln Dried Maple Handle Stock

Superb Quality AA predominantly straight grained 1-3/8 x 20" hard maple dowelled handles.  100pcs = $485.00 shipped.  50pcs = $250.00 shipped.  25pcs = $143.75 shipped.  10pcs = $67.50 shipped. If inside California add 8% sales tax.  These are being used with great satisfaction by the best cuemakers in the USA.