Omen Cues
by Pete Ohman 
Pete Ohman of Melbourne, Florida makes the kind of cues we love.  There is keen attention to detail and adherence to quality of build standards that far exceed the norm.  Pete's cues are also known to be excellent players and are coveted by a growing number or players and collectors.  Superior Cues is pleased to be an official dealer of Omen cues.  More cues are on order.  Contact us if you would like to discuss an Omen cue purchase or cue order.  Current Omen cue build time is approximately 1 year.  We did the waiting for you!  We do not discount Omen cues.  They are the same price as ordered from Omen cues.
88.  Just received outstanding SW style 6 point hi-lo super qulited maple into Gaboon ebony cue with orange, natural and black veneers. Veneer stitch deco ringsets throughout. Quilted maple/Gaboon ebony buttsleeve with additional ringset. Black Spanish Bull leather wrap. Two select maple shafts with LBM ferrules and Searing tips, 13mm (3.92/ 3.95 oz.). Complete custom joint protector set (3pcs). Weighs 19.10/ 19.13 oz. with 19-1/2" balance (can easily weigh more). SOLD. No trades. Layaway okay.

74. Omen deluxe sneaky pete cue 58", highly figured Mexican cocobolo into high figure birdseye maple.  Fancy veneer deco rings at joint and buttcap positions.  12.95 mm shaft, 3.83 oz. with melamine ferrule and Triangle tip.  Weighs 19.48 oz.  Includes joint protector set as shown. SOLD.